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Red Eye Removal + Photo Retouching Service

About Us

RedEyeFix.com is a website that offers a super user friendly way to fix that often annoying “red eye” many people have in their digital photos. The service is affordable and simple to use.


The website is designed to be suitable for kids and adults with no photo-editing skills. In just three easy steps—site users fill in their information, upload the photos they want fixed and within about 3-5 business days, they are emailed the repaired photos. Red eye in photos is not only annoying, but also ruins an otherwise beautiful photograph. Many people don’t have the skills or software easily available to fix this problem. That is why we developed and launched this new online repair service.


RedEyeFix.com was created  to help people fix the red eye on their photos. Red eye is a common problem in photos and we can offer a quick and simple solution.


As a new feature, we are now offering minor restoration, which includes the removal of  minor facial blemishes, color and contrast improvements, and glamour retouching.